Employee Spotlight: Alex Cornejo

Employee Spotlight: Alex Cornejo

April 12th, 2024
Employee Spotlight

Alex Cornejo is a Senior Project Manager in the Raleigh Area. Alex has been and continues to be an asset for the Raleigh Area for his ability to manage multiple projects and his communication skills. 

He has an instinctive ability to communicate with our clients to produce a win-win situation for everyone as well as communicating with field teams to insure we are producing projects with high levels of attention towards quality and upholding cultural standard towards safety in the Raleigh Area. Alex sets the standard of our core values of Safety, Integrity, Quality, and Service by holding these values at such a high standard he has created numerous times for repeat customers. 

With 10 years of experience, Alex has worked on numerous projects, but his most recent projects have been Fairweather Condos, The Cardinal Tower, Gateway Apartments, Dual Brand Hotel, and 320 South Tower.

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