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    Our success is driven by the satisfaction of our clients and business partners.

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    With a rock-solid reputation the construction in the industry

  • Experts in Formwork and Concrete Form Types

    We build and deliver durable structures on-time and on-budget.

What We Offer

Safe Working Environment

Our rigorous implementation of safety policy standards has established United Forming as one of the safest companies in our industry.

Delivery on Time and Within Budget

In addition to maintaining high standards of safety, we are committed to deliver the highest project quality, without affecting the project's budget and time.

Expert Project Managers

Our in-house, multi-disciplinary project team will deliver a seamless job from start to finish and ensure that your project is completed both on time and on budget

High Quality Equipment

We have an extensive fleet of modern, company-owned equipment that allows us to manage projects with maximum speed and efficiency.

Expertise and Innovation

We deploy cutting-edge technologies, and consistently refine them to minimize construction costs and maximize efficiency in every project.

Great Customer Support

As a customer-oriented company, we pride ourselves on our personalized attention to detail and dedication to serving our clients.


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Repeat Clients

What We Do

    Design Assist


    Our approach to Design Assist methodology is based on collaboration, teamwork, and problem solving during the initial phase of the project life cycle to avoid costly delays.

    During the pre-construction phase, our team will address your design concerns and assist you in design decisions, formwork system evaluations, site logistics, scope, and constructability reviews, while adhering to your time and budget requirements.

    Structure and Concrete Forming

    Concrete Construction

    Whether you are a general contractor, a business owner, or developer, United Forming has the capabilities and resources to ensure that your construction project is completed to the required quality, and adheres to your budget and deadlines.

    From the planning and design through the construction phase, our in-house professional management team is readily availableto assist you in every aspect of your construction project, regardless of size.

    Expert Team For Your Project

    Project Management

    Besides our leadership in the concrete construction market, one thing that distinguishes United Forming from other companieis our project management capabilities. Our construction management scope of services are comprehensive and tailored to meet our client’s needs for every stage of a project.

    Whether you need supervision, inspection, on-site management, cost estimating, schedule development and monitoring, constructability reviews, quality assurance enforcement, or any other construction management service, we have the right team for your project – no matter the size.

    Formwork Systems Solutions

    Formwork Design

    Since its founding in 1985, United Forming has established a dominant reputation as the first choice for concrete structures in the construction industry across the Mid-Atlantic and South Region.

    As a leading provider of formwork systems solutions, we offer you the unparalleled experience, resources and expertise you need – for anything from commercial building developments, large-scale infrastructures, or government, health care and high education facilities. We can design and implement any formwork systems for any construction project and any requirement.

How We Work

Let’s Have A Conversation

Our contact info is located above. We have multiple offices licensed to work throughout the southeast. There is a good chance we’re in the same neighborhood and already established in your market.

Just find the United Forming, Inc. regional office that looks like the best geographical fit for you and your project. We enjoy talking with our clients so please give us a call or send us a short email.

Concept to Construction

Feel free to tag us in any step along the way even if you’re still early in the development process.

Our preconstruction services include offering structural design recommendations with a focus on constructability along with providing reliable budgetary pricing and scheduling feedback.


Have bid documents in hand and a package ready for pricing, send it our way. We can provide competent, competitive, and on time proposals to meet your needs on varying scopes of work for all different types of structures.

Email us your bid invite or find us on ISQFT, Building Connected, or SmartBid.

Hard Bid

Over the last 30 plus years we have worked with contractors both large and small on federal, state, and privately funded projects. With over 1,000 contracts signed, we understand the importance of a well structured and binding subcontract document.

Starting from your terms, we will work in a professional manner to establish fair and comprehensive agreements that will lay the ground work for a successful project. We are adaptable to any of your projects needs as they relate to insurance, bonding, minority participation, and LEED certification.

Our Expert Team

  • Michael Pedraza

    Vice President Regional Manager

    Northern Region

    Michael Pedraza

    Vice President Regional Manager

    Northern Region

    Provides overall direction and leadership with a priority emphasis on the development of new business and has the bottom line authority and responsibility for the financial and operational performance of the region.

  • Stephen Krause

    Vice President Regional Manager

    Western Region

    Stephen Krause

    Vice President Regional Manager

    Western Region

    Provides overall direction and leadership with a priority emphasis on the development of new business and has the bottom line authority and responsibility for the financial and operational performance of the region.

  • Mike Piotrzkowski

    Senior Field Manager

    Western Region

    Mike Piotrzkowski

    Senior Field Manager

    Western Region

    Provides direction and leadership to our field staff and leads the development of our next generation of capable field supervision.

  • Juvenal Ibarra

    Senior Field Manager

    Northern Region

    Juvenal Ibarra

    Senior Field Manager

    Northern Region

    Provides direction and leadership to our field staff and leads the development of our next generation of capable field supervision.

  • Graham Rawsthorn

    Construction Manager

    Southern Region

    Graham Rawsthorn

    Construction Manager

    Southern Region

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What Our Clients Are Saying

  • Alex FlemingDirector of Aviation Business Development

    I have had the privilege of working with United Forming on my last three projects totaling over 5 million SQFT. 

    The time, effort, and professionalism United puts into planning and executing their projects has made them an industry leader and a go-to resource for our company. I highly recommend United Forming for your concrete construction needs.

  • Jim PritchettProject Executive

    Through the years I have had the opportunity to work with a number of formwork and concrete contractors. United Forming has always proven to be a solid partner every time we have worked together. 

    I appreciate their professionalism and their commitment to safety and schedule and I look forward to the next opportunity to work together again.

  • Shelly GoodwinVP of Operations

    Over the course of my 35 plus years in construction, I have had the pleasure of working with some very qualified and reliable trade partners. I consider United Forming to be one of our best partners in delivering a quality project to our clients. 

    From the pre-construction phase to scheduling and the execution of their scope, they have always met or exceeded our expectations.  

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