VCU Medical Science Building II

Skanska USA Building, Inc
Richmond, VA

The Medical Sciences Building at VCU consists of a 9 story medical research facility on the campus of VCU in downtown Richmond, VA.  UFI provided a preconstruction schedule and budget guidance to the Skanska team during design development.  The project was competitively bid with the foundation package as a lump sum bid and the remaining structure as a GMP not to exceed package.

Following the bid, UFI worked with Skanska to insure the structure stayed within the budget established.  The project was built in very tight logistical conditions on a downtown campus site bordered by a major downtown boulevard. There was a half-basement below-grade housing MEP equipment. The project included a full-service loading dock.  UFI poured over 7,000 cy of concrete and placed approximately 700 tons of rebar at the project.

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