United Forming did not become one of the largest concrete shell builders in the nation by acquisitions or mergers. Dedicated and determined individuals with a single purpose built United Forming from the ground up. Our capabilities are rooted in the determination to be the best—to do what we say we will do, and do it in a safe, cost efficient, and timely manner.  We are proud to share the fruits of our knowledge and experience through collaboration with our clients, developers, design teams and owners.  Capability sharing provides Design Assistance, Budgeting, Site Logistics, Scheduling and Formwork Design.

Design Assist is a relatively new form of construction procurement and management being utilized more and more in the industry today. This format offers many of the same benefits to the Owner as Design /Build procurement, but with a more specialized focus. The general contractor or construction manager selects United Forming early in the design development phase to provide cost estimating, budgeting, value engineering, constructability reviews, Building Information Modeling (BIM), detailed scheduling and pre-construction planning. Throughout the process, United Forming provides design feedback, construction feasibility and regular updates to ensure that the design falls within the budget and scope initially established. The ultimate goal is to maintain the initial budgeted amount all the way through the development and approval of final construction drawings and specifications.
Actual scope of work varies from project to project, but in general, as the Design Assist phase draws to a close, United Forming establishes a GMP based on the A/E’s approved final contract drawings. Once our client and the Owner approve the GMP, a contract for construction services is issued and the notice to proceed is given. United Forming provides Design Assist services for both private sector projects and public projects awarded on a best value basis.