Cobb County Performing Arts Centre 

The Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre is a spectacular performing arts venue located in the Cumberland/Galleria area just northwest of Atlanta, Georgia. Designed by architects Smallwood, Reynolds, Stewart, Stewart & Associates, the 2,800-seat theater advances the state of the art for theatergoers. To meet the owner’s desire to build a theater without a bad seat in the house, several structural systems were employed. The primary structure comprises concrete one-way joist construction, beam and slab, flat slab and raker beams supporting cast in place radius seating risers. Cast in place walls of every shape and size imaginable integrate the various horizontal systems and significantly contribute to the theater’s cocoon.

With very few right angles to work from, a great deal of pre-planning was required to assure the necessary precision and pace of construction would be achieved. United Forming collaborated with the general contractor, Hardin Construction, to build solutions to the many unique complexities of the project. From early schematic concepts, to the final working design, United Forming assisted in producing an efficient and economical structure that could be constructed within the project’s schedule and budget. In the end, all the upfront work really paid off.

Our customer had this to say, “The Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre is the only performing arts center in recent memory to be completed on time and within budget. This accomplishment did not happen by accident. It required exceptional commitment and competence by all team members and United Forming played a key role. We sincerely appreciate your efforts which have directly contributed to the success of this project.”