As one of the nation’s premier concrete structure builders, United Forming has participated in the E-Verify program since 2009.

The E-Verify program is often misunderstood as a pre-employment ‘screening tool’ for new applicants.  To the contrary, according to both I-9 and E-Verify regulations, employers are legally prevented on the basis of discrimination from inquiring about an applicant’s immigration status.  Only after employment has been offered, and accepted, may an employer have an employee complete an I-9 and utilize the E-Verify program.  Therefore, the I-9 and E-Verify programs work hand-in-hand as a tool for employers to verify the legitimacy of their workforce.  While no verification program is perfect, United Forming believes the continued use of the E-Verify program will assist the numerous efforts at all levels of government to assure the legal status of workers throughout the workforce.